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Thursday, February 17, 2011

preposition and adverb

Today we are learn about preposition and adverb that present by Joe, Marini and Dalila..


An adverb is used to add information to a clause  or another word.

Adverb can be categorize at 4 types..There are :
* Adverb of time ( now, soon, later, then )
* Adverb of place ( out, up, there, everywhere )
* Adverb of manner ( slowly, quickly, well, hard )
* Adverb of degree ( much, almost, quite, very )
Preposition of time : 
    * on (days of the week) 
    * in (month/season, time of day, year
    *since [from a certain point of time (past till now)]  
    *to (telling the time)
  *ago (a certain time in the past)
  *before (earlier than a certain point of time)
  *past (telling the time)
  *to/till/until (marking the begining and end of a period of time)
  *by (in the sense of at the latest, up to a cretain time)
 Preposition of place :
            * in (room,building, street/book paper)
  *at (meaning next to, by an object/for events/place where you are to do something typical)
  *on (attached/being on surface/for a certain side)
  *under (on the ground, lower than / covered by something else)
  *above (higher then something else, but not directly over it)
  *into (enter a room / building)
  *towards (movement in the direction of something but not directly to it)
  *onto ( movement to the top of something)
  *from (in the sense of where from)

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