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Saturday, February 5, 2011


BEL260(PRONOUNS)  25 january 2011
Today i learn about pronouns..Pronouns mean take the place of nouns in sentences..There are many type of pronouns..
·         Personal Pronouns (replace nouns)
           Example : I,You(singular),He,She,It,They,We,You(plural)
·         Reflexive Pronouns( intensify antecendents,reflect antecendants)

·         Relative Pronouns( join two sentences,take the place of nouns)
           Example : Who,Whose,Which,That
·         Interrogative Pronouns( form questions)
           Example : What,When,Where,Why,Who,How

   So,that is what i learn about pronouns..I hope i can use that pronouns in my essay...

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